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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Truth or dare - you choose!

BASTA! @ The Truth Or Dare Affair!

Here's my exclusive release - of course BASTA! has chosen Truth, for cute, innocent, adorable - like these floral blouses!


Let's say farewell to winter, welcome spring! (I know I'm a bit early with that, but I've already had enough of cold, snow, wind and ice - I'm ready for sun, warmth, flowers, woohoo!)
Here's your ride to the Truth or Dare Affair!

BASTA! is also @ The Thrift Shop 12 - Love or Hate edition!

These are my new and exclusive Love or Hate tops - which would you choose?


Visit the BASTA! booth at The Thrift Shop 12, you'll not regret it! Everything is 50 % OFF, starting at 25 L$. Don't wait any longer, here's your taxi!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Try your luck at the free group gacha!


Group members get 1 free play - non members or if you want to try for more colors or collect them all, play the gray gacha (located next to the group machine) for just 75 L$ per play. Non-group items are transferable for swapping, gifting or selling! Good luck all :)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

New goodness at Basta!

New releases at the mainstore, and a new round of the Color Me Project has started, too!


:MIDDLE OF NOWHERE: Wool capri pants
:OLD TOWN: Turtleneck sweaters

And here's what you'll get at the new round of the Color Me Project, this time the colors are Gold and Silver!

Visit BASTA! at the Color Me Project!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

What is your favorite color for free boots?

At BASTA! we have a brand new FREE group gacha - come and get your free play on the group gacha machine. And if you didn't get your absolute favorite, you can try your luck on the regular machine for only 75 L per play.


Cute fur ankle boots in 9 colors, with or without leo print. 16 common colors, 2 rares. Good luck!

Frozzen Fair & The Showroom have started!

BASTA! is sponsoring the 2015 Frozzen Fair, here's the exclusive release you can find there!


Available in several colors, only at the Frozzen Fair!

Along with exclusive new releases there are also Gacha machines, Bazar boxes (max. 85L$ per box) and free gifts in every booth. You can't miss this amazing event - 100 of your favorite designers have set up their best and newest items. Visit us now!

The Showroom has opened its doors for a new round, too! Here's my exclusive for this sale event:


Leather heels for SLink and Maitreya feet, available in 11 colors (singles or a fatpack) - come and try a demo! Find them at The Showroom.

Candy Cane Hunt 7 is on right now!

Come to BASTA! for some christmas candy and hot ginger bread! Christmas is right around the corner, so let's get into the mood with this years edition of the Candy Cane Hunt!



Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let the show begin at the Showroom!


Glitter showdresses in a wide range of colors. Get them at a discounted price for only 99 L, while the current round of the Showroom lasts!

And there's a new release at the mainstore, too:


Cute Fitmesh shorts and matching tops in 7 colors, mesh body compatible versions included.