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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finally some updates!

Today i've finally put the new April group gifts in store - i know, i'm late, but RL has all my attention at the moment, and for a veryyy good reason ;-)
There are also a couple of hunts going on right now, in this post i'm going to show you the prizes for them, too.

Here are the group gifts for this month:

My gift for the ladies:

And for the gentlemen:

Hunt prizes:
The Black Widow Hunt (1 L$)

Depraved Spring Madness 2.0 (0 L$)

The Runway Perfect Hunt 2 (0 L$)

Heroes for Life - Hunt organized by Relay for Life (10 L$) - all proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Association!

Evil Bunny Hunt 2 (0 L$)

More great news - B!ASTA has been invited to participate in the very last Fashionably Late event, that has started on April 1st - when the event is over, the exclusively designed outfit, that i have made for this occasion, will be moved to the Mainstore - until then it can only be found at the CHIC sim, on sale for only 145 L$!


And, last but not least, there are 2 new releases - one of them is still on sale for 55 L$ - hurry before the vendor will be moved to the original location and the price will be changed!

:SUGAR FOR MY HONEY: Corset top and hot pants

:SWEETS FOR MY SWEET: 7-pack corset tops

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